Terry from High Point, North Carolina
Painted Dreams


The Italian theologian and famous artist, Giotto di Bondone once said, "Every painting is voyage into a sacred harbor." Terry Woodburn, a resident at Pruitt Health High Point has surely made her voyage into the world of acrylic and water color art. Inspired by her mother, Terry has painted over thirty pieces of art during her life and when asked what inspires her, she replies, "I feel something down  within me that just aches to be heard." When life seemed down and when health problems escalated, Terry thought her art would  never see  the light of day. Pruitt Health High Point wanted to fulfill a lifelong dream of Terry's, to have her art displayed for public viewing- and that is just what happened.


On a crisp March morning, Pruitt Health High Point staff and volunteers  arranged, with the help of family and friends, to transport Terry to a local coffee shop. It is in this small, and quaint shop that Terry's voyage had finally reached her sacred- to be included and showcased amongst High Point's most creative and inspiring artists. With help from the Coffee Shop staff,Terry's work over the last several years -from water color expressionist art of her early life to rich acrylic presentations of her mother were strategically  placed throughout the shop for viewers to admire. Terry, a quiet  and humble  person sat proudly  glistening in her orange nectar suit welcoming questions and entertaining guests with her infectious laugh. The pinnacle moment had finally come when a guest approached  Ms. Woodburn and asked her for her autograph. Stunned, but gleaming from ear to ear,Terry smiled and said, "really?!­ sure!" When asked what this opportunity meant to her, she quietly responded, "Everything." 


The staff of Pruitt Health High Point, through Second Wind Dreams, made Terry's lifelong  dream of publically  being recognized as an artist a reality. The meaning of this opportunity meant that Terry could continue on her voyage of expressing herself in a public way. Terry admits that each and every painting is a new adventure for her- a way to cope with  life's struggle and a way to continue  living. Terry would then be featured on Fox 8- WGHP later that evening alongside her friends and family. For Terry, life will continue to go on, but it is now that her art has been seen- her voice has been heard and her heart has been shared with us all. Bon voyage Terry! Continue on my friend...

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  • High Point, North Carolina