GroupDream from Henderson, NV
The Dream of One's Heritage

Here at Prestige Assisted Living at Henderson we work to help our residents celebrate life at every age. We serve a population of vibrant seniors that want to live better, meet new friends and make a difference. Many of our residents have contributed greatly to our community and our nation. They take pride in their heritage and the legacy they wish to leave behind for those they love.

Recently, the idea emerged from our residents that they would like to know more about who they are and where they came from. One of the residents mentioned they had seen Oprah’s special on ancestry and DNA testing and how meaningful it would be to give the gift of their heritage to their family. The idea spread like wildfire and we now have ten residents anxiously looking for ways to link together their ancestors and their posterity.

Because many of our residents live on fixed income, they cannot afford to do the testing on their own. We would love to utilize the Second Wind Dreams program to help us purchase the kits that will help our residents unearth their genealogy, some of whom are approaching 100 years of life experience.

We believe this could also be a wonderful opportunity to invite press coverage while our residents share their stories and gets their results. Additionally, we would love to invite sponsors to participate and get to know our residents and community.

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