Bill from Bethlehem, PA
The Power of Music

Bill so appreciates his weekly visits from his granddaughter, Dakota. He enjoys her company while listening to his favorite Sinatra tunes.  Dakota loves to watch him tap his fingers on the table and hear him hum to the tune of the music.  The twinkle in his eyes returns as he happily remembers a memorable time in his life, while loving smiling at her.  Cedarbrook is delighted to recently announce its music program in the dementia unit and has witnessed miraculous results.  Bill has responded by becoming more engaging with the staff, residents and family members.   The music uplifts his spirit and he appears more peaceful, happy and content.  Last month, a donation was made of 40 headsets, 1 for each resident.   In addition, five iPods were donated and have been shared by the 40 residents.  We are currently seeking an iPod specifically for Bill of his favorite music.  Also, we would wholeheartedly welcome any gently used IPods with a screen for the other residents.

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  • Bethlehem, PA