Joan from Roswell, GA
The Sweetest Rose of All


Joan is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet!  She will stop and help anyone in need.  Joan has faced some serious physical problems this year.  She had many falls. She was given a special support wheel chair.  She would tell me, “I feel like I am in prison!” I want to walk again and I WILL!” 

With strong determination she got up and is walking with a walker again!  It is amazing!  She told me that she has been to the Botanical Gardens years ago and she knows she will never see this beautiful place again. 

I will take Joan to the Gardens and let her enjoy it all.  We will eat at her favorite restaurant before we return home.  She is looking forward to being part of the world again and seeing her dream come true.

Thank you, Joan for being my hero.  You have taught me that you can do anything if you believe!


Dream Fulfilled!


We had our own private docent, Christine, who gave us the grand tour of the Gardens.  She was patient, knowledgably and devoted to making this day very special for Joan.  The current exhibition is “The Curious Garden”.  We were among the first to view this wonderful creation. Adam Schwerner (the guest artist and designer) met us on the trail and told us about his inspiration for his work. He is a Walt Disney Company Executive responsible for the gardens, landscape, holiday overlays and décor throughout Disneyland Park in California.

Joan comments about her dream “What a wonderful day! I never thought I would ever see the Gardens again. I actually met the creator of the exhibit! I have never had a private tour and Christine did an impeccable job sharing her knowledge with me.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day! I want to thank Second Wind Dreams and The Botanical Gardens for making my dream come true”   

Thank you Second Wind Dreams for supporting this dream.  I would like to thank Samiha Choudhury (Registration Coordinator at the ABG) for finding Christine to give us a fantastic tour of the gardens.  

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