Tom from Roswell, GA
I Left My Heart in Ireland

Tom’s Musical Trip to Ireland   Today we gathered to celebrate Tom and his love of his hometown of Roscrea, Co. Tiperary in Ireland!  He misses Ireland and its beautiful music.  Tom enjoyed his favorite ice cream while Debra Peterson performed a personalized a program of Irish music just for him.  She did some traditional Irish harp tunes, including a few of Turlough O Carolan, familiar Irish songs, such as “Danny Boy” and “Molly Malone.  She included lesser-known but more authentic Irish dance tunes which included the jig, reel, hornpipe, slip jig and Irish Polka!  She came with her harp, Irish pennywhistle and flute. She talked to Tom in between songs and spoke about the music, instruments and history behind the pieces.  Tom was surprised with a visit from his daughter-in-law, Sheila, who enjoyed the concert with him.  
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