Tommy Billing from Macon, Georgia
Family Reunion

Tommy Billing

Tommy Billing- He wanted the opportunity to be reunited with some of his family that he hasn’t seen in a long time. We took that information and planned a Family Reunion for Tommy.

It wasn’t easy at all, we had to call, call, and call again until we finally got in touch with someone.

When we got in contact with his family member the rest was history!! He was able to contact several family members (which totaled around 40 people)

We then started preparation for the Family Reunion.

We got a banner made with his name on it.

We decorator the entire dining room for the event.

We purchased Tommy some new cloths for the event!

We had C2C staff to serve family and resident

We had catered Subway sandwiches with cookies, cake, chips, and punch

Everyone enjoyed it

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  • Macon, Georgia