Tommy Patterson from Athens, GA
A virtual wedding makes a dream come true

Tommy Patterson

Loving family man Tommy Patterson was thrilled at the thought of gaining a new granddaughter with the marriage of his grandson. However, to Tommy's dismay, this wedding was scheduled to take place out of state, making it inaccessible to Tommy, an assisted living resident at Arbor Terrace of Athens (



With the help of Tommy's daughter, Jill, the Arbor Terrace Engagement team brainstormed ideas and decided to bring the wedding to Tommy as a Second Wind Dreams project.



Jill graciously volunteered to use Skype at the wedding so that it could stream live to the Arbor Terrace activity room for Tommy and other residents. Formal invitations were distributed, several residents volunteered to make floral centerpieces, the kitchen donated a bottle of champagne and an actual wedding cake was delivered. Tommy's son played host on the live stream as he introduced family members as they appeared on the video screen so that everyone stayed up-to-speed on the “who's who” of the wedding.



It was a fabulous and special event for Tommy and the other residents who attended. The ladies shed several tears of joy and Tommy beamed with pride to have the opportunity to witness the marriage of his grandson.


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  • Athens, GA