Edith and Verdi from Hendersonville, TN
True Second Wind Dream

Edith and Verdi

Edith and Verdi Fitz received sad news that one of their brothers had passed away.  Their brother lived in Florida, while Verdi (80 yrs.) and Edith (88 yrs.) reside at Elmcroft of Hendersonville in Tennessee.  Both Verdi and Edith were born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida.  The staff at Elmcroft knew how upsetting the news was to the sisters, so we decided to turn this negative time in their lives into a positive memory.  Staff member went all out for these two sisters!  Staff members purchased and brought in items for these lovely ladies.  They were gifted new clothes, handbags, hats, hair accessories, wigs, personal items, and even luggage!  The staff also gave the ladies their own personal "spa day".  Verdi and Edith had their hair washed and styled in our beauty shop by our staff.  The staff gave the sisters manicures and hand massages the morning of their trip!  Each lady was gifted a brand new outfit just for the car ride!  The ladies had such a special day preparing to go on their trip, and they just couldn't quit smiling!  They told the staff how "pampered and special" they felt.  Thankfully, the staff was nearby to take lots of pictures.  The staff helped Verdi and Edith to have an enjoyable weekend with family and friends.  They got to see family members that they had not seen in a long time, and they were introduced to family that they had never met before.  When the ladies returned, they couldn't stop talking about their weekend in Florida.  It was fun being all dolled up, and being with family again, and being the best dressed members there!

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  • Hendersonville, TN