Omah from Blairsville, GA
Honoring Omah Rogers!

Omah Rogers, along with family, friends, and several members of Second Wind Dreams, celebrated her 81st birthday at Steve's Steak House on Saturday, August 11th. Omah's daughter, Nancy Dyer came up with the idea of a birthday luncheon that would include family and friends. Steve's Steak House was selected for the location.Some shopping was in order, as Omah was in need of a few items, and Second Wind Dreams Board members were able to accomplish this locally. Omah, or "Omie," as she is referred to by family and close friends, we found out, has always been referred to as a "people person," and this has carried over to her living at the Union County Nursing Home .... becoming popular with her fellow residents as well as the staff, and is seldom at a loss for words or a bit of advice. Luncheon festivities began just before noon with Omah's arrival, assisted by daughters Nancy and Patricia, and Omah was immediately pinned with a beautiful corsage. This was followed by a picture taking and social session lasting for about a half hour, with upwards of between 35-40 family and friends in attendance. The private dining room was decorated for the occasion with fresh and artificial flowers and colorful balloons ..... one table held a huge birthday cake and gifts brightly wrapped.
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  • Blairsville, GA