Vicki Beasel from La Mesa, CA
Playing With Dolphins

Vicki Beasel

Do you want to meet a dolphin? How about play with a dolphin? Meet Gracie the dolphin and say hello to Vicki too. Vicki has always wanted to play with the dolphins. With the help of Sea World of San Diego, we made that dream a reality. On Monday, Nov. 23rd 2015, we took Vicki and her mom to Sea World for the day. Vicki and her mom were amazed at how big and splendid Sea World has become. They said they haven't been in too many years to remember. Together, we watched the Dolphin show, hung out with the penguins, explored the Wild Arctic, greeted the turtles, and dodged the sharks. It was a beautiful day, but the highlight of the whole day was when Vicki finally came face to face with Gracie. Vicki got to rub down the beautiful dolphin and even dance with her flipper in hand. What a Splashtastic Day!

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  • La Mesa, CA