Virginia Burdette from Macon, Georgia
How can I keep from singing

Virginia Burdette

When we started talking to our patients and their families, it was brought to our attention that many people are unable to get out of the nursing home for a concert and other fun activities they used to enjoy.  Even individuals still living at home receiving our care are unable to take part due to medical and/or financial reasons.  While talking to Mercer University Youth Choir"s director, we made a plan to have a special concert-only for the hospice patients and their families.

After working on the auditorium which has wheelchair access and the availability, we started inviting our patients and they were so happy to be a part of the event and share the exciting news with their families. Unfortunately, health declined for some, but just to talk about the event brought much joy.  However, Ms. Virginia was thrilled to attend the concert with her son and grandson. We have made DVD's and sent them to the nursing home where Virginia and all the residents are able enjoy the concert anytime they wish.  In addition, we provided the CD to activity directors so they can have a special event for their residents.
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