William "Bill" Cox from La Mesa, CA
The Weather Looks Bright


Bill Cox is just an average, ordinary guy, but his dreams are nothing but average or ordinary. Everyone dreams of meeting a super star from the movies right? Not Bill. Bill dreamed of meeting the weather girl, Dagmar Midcap, from our local NBC station. Of course, like the rest of us, He never thought that it would ever happen. "She is drop dead gorgeous and famous too. Why would she want to meet an old guy like me?" He thought. 

Well, he thought wrong. We got a hold of Dagmar through her facebook page and the NBC station and she was more than happy to come and meet her biggest fan. It took some time to get her here to meet him, after all she is a very busy woman, but when she showed up, Bill was speechless. Not only did Dagmar meet Bill, but she sat and chatted with him and then the rest of the residents at Grossmont Gardens. All in all, the weather sure was bright for Bill!
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  • La Mesa, CA