Beulah from Woodstock, GA
Beulah's Basketball Game

Ms. Beulah played forward on her high school basketball team during the late 1930’s. Crossroads High School in Alabama, where she played, has since has burned and never re-opened. With the closing of her school, she was under the impression, girls basketball had gone by the wayside. So when talking with her and her finding out that girls’ basketball was still ongoing and even a national league (NWBA) had been formed; she lit up like a Christmas tree. On the night of The Dream, Ms. Beulah was given a Chiefs’ basketball t-shirt. In the locker-room, she was included in the strategy, prayer circle and pre-game huddle where all the girls put their hands in the center of the circle and yelled GO CHIEFS! Ms. Beulah was wheeled through the War Chiefs’ Tunnel and led the girls onto the court for pre-game warm up. At coin toss, Ms. Beulah, and three captains went to center court. There she met the referees and captains from the other team. The announcer presented Ms. Beulah over the PA to the fans, told her story and the announced her as the Honorary Team Captain for the night. Ms. Beulah waved and blew kisses to the fans, who, by this time, were on their feet cheering.
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  • Woodstock, GA