Paul from Woodstock, GA
Paul Plays Ball

When Paul was a young child he played baseball in the neighborhood. Then things happened. He was not able to continue his schooling, much less play baseball which he loved. On Friday, March 30, 2012 Paul once again was that baseball-playing child that had been lost. Thanks to Sequoyah High School boys’ baseball team. When Paul arrived at the ball field, he was presented with a team cap and shirt. He was so excited about the team gear he practically re-dressed himself before getting out of the car and into his wheelchair. He snickered a shy boyish laugh and we saw “the grin”. Once on the field, Coach Jones immersed Paul into the team. Paul warmed up the pitchers, was in the lineup on the base line during while the team was being introduced and the National Anthem. Then the announcer announced Paul to the fans. Coach Jones placed Paul on the field so he could throw out the first pitch of the game. With all the strength he could, Paul threw the ball and the crowd stood to their feet clapping and cheering.
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  • Woodstock, GA