Community Alliance

Second Wind Dreams® (SWD) Community Alliances are self-initiated volunteer groups joined together to conduct charitable fundraising, spread awareness and host events in accordance with the mission of Second Wind Dreams. 


SWD Community Alliance Requirements

  • Register with Second Wind Dreams and provide membership fees ($300 per location) for each selected elder care community your group will be serving.
  • Align all efforts with the mission of Second Wind Dreams to change the perception of aging through dream fulfillment and life enhancing activities.
  • Comply with the policies and guidelines as provided by the Second Wind Dreams website and Dream Member Manual.
  • Select at least 1 local skilled nursing facility (nursing home) to serve.  Agreement form to be signed by both parties.
  • Report/share all SWD Community Alliance dreams/activities to Second Wind Dreams.
  • Report all funds raised to SWD.


birthday partySWD Community Alliance Benefits

  • Make a difference in the lives of an underserved population
  • Permission to use the copyrighted name Second Wind Dreams and logo for Alliance dreams and events
  • Access to our Dream Member program manual and monthly newsletters
  • Access to our non-profit tax-id number to accept in-kind dream donations
  • Access to the SWD website with ability to post fulfilled dream stories and those in need of funding assistance
  • 20 years of knowledge and support from the Second Wind Dreams team
  • Support and assistance on social media to promote Alliance dreams and events
  • Recognition as an established Second Wind Dreams Community Alliance on
  • Ability to fulfill the dreams of all elders residing in your Alliance’s registered elder care community


Getting Started

Second Wind Dreams is very excited to welcome your group as an official Community Alliance.  Alliances do not require a minimum number of members to get started.  All ages are eligible pending any restrictions from the elder care community you have chosen to register.  In fact, we strongly encourage student Alliances.  Simply contact a local elder care community and invite them to participate in the Second Wind Dreams program in partnership with your SWD Community Alliance (contract provided by SWD).  Membership fee ($300) may be provided by your Alliance or the elder care community.


SWD Community Alliance Model

Our very first Second Wind Dreams Community Alliance formed as the Henry County Extension Second Wind Dreams Committee in 2006.   Please take a moment to visit their website and learn more about this amazing group of volunteers and the hundreds of dreams they have fulfilled:

The Henry County Extension SWD Committee is currently organized by the following:

  • They serve one elder care community (two buildings/assisted and nursing) in their county.
  • They have 21 members on their committee.
  • Members meet once a month.
  • Several retired teachers and Extension Homemakers form the core group. 
  • The Activity Director, the Executive Director of the Assisted Living, and the Administrator of both facilities are invited and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings.
  • The Activity Director and Assisted Living Director discover the elders’ dreams.  The committee members determine ways to weave and fulfill the dreams, as well as, plan additional activities.
  • The committee presents a Second Wind Dreams program power point (provided by SWD) as needed for community staff education and training.

red shirtsAdditional groups of incredible self-initiated Second Wind Dreams volunteers include the following:

  • Caesars Entertainment HERO Volunteers:  Through funding and corporate sponsorship from Caesars Foundation, employees in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and New Orleans volunteer their time with designated elder care communities engaging in elder dream fulfillment, Gifts of Light, special events and monthly activities such as bingo, mobile casino days, and auctions.  Read some event highlights here:
  • blue shirtsCedarbrook Dream Catchers:  Volunteers and nursing home staff have created a strong Dreamweaving committee which meets monthly and works together to discover, weave and fulfill dreams for the residents at Cedarbrook Senior Care & Rehabilitation, PA.  Learn more at:
  • Pope High School – a student volunteer group in Marietta, GA formed their own Dream Team working with local Second Wind Dreams elder care communities as they visit with elders and discover, weave and fulfill their dreams.


Form your Second Wind Dreams Community Alliance and start changing the perception of aging!

Contact to get started today.