Gifts of Light Communities



Gifts Of Light is dedicated to helping residents that are alone and depressed during the Holidays.

Thank you for your help in giving these elders something to look forward to.  We will do our best to meet everyone’s wishes; however,we cannot guarantee volunteer participation so please do not give your residents any expectations that may lead to disappointment. 


santa gifts of lightWhich residents can participate in the program?


"Gifts Of Light" is a non-denominational program for residents (including those with cognitive impairment) :

  • Who have little or no family support,
  • Who are in nursing homes,
  • Who have no personal visitors during the holidays. 

What do we need?

  • Lists of eligible residents entered below.
  • The gifts lists must include the elders’ names, first and last initial, along with their room and bed number. 
  • If they can not communicate, please list items that would improve their lives
  • Please be as specific as possible for certain items.
  • Do not forget to include gender and clothing sizes to make it easier for the volunteers to purchase these items.

 Note: Your submitted gift list is transcribed to other volunteers that help purchase your residents’ gifts.


Registration is CLOSED.


To become a Second Wind Dream member, register your nursing home here.


If you have any resident additions or deletions,please let us know as soon as possible.

Atlanta Region Contact:  June Rondinone;; 678-624-0500 ext. 415

National Contact:  Amy Safran;; 678-624-0500 ext. 418


Please post videos and photos to social media using #GOL2017. You may also send your favorite Gifts of Light photos with captions to so we may share on social media.