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The initial level of training in the Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT®) program is Facilitator Training, which teaches all aspects of setting up and conducting the VDT for your organization and the general public.  A Certified Trainer receives a higher level of training in best practices for conducting the Tour and more advanced dementia education in order to represent the Virtual Dementia Tour and Second Wind Dreams® (SWD®) in a professional capacity. 


Many companies with multiple locations have Certified Trainers who oversee and support the locations under their management in using the VDT system-wide and in accordance with their company goals for the VDT.  They only operate as CTs within their own organization and report training and tour activity to Second Wind Dreams. 


CT Training ClassCertified Trainers can also be independent contractors with Second Wind Dreams to conduct the VDT in return for compensation.  Managed through our headquarters in Roswell, GA, these Certified Trainers may be used for paid engagements such as facilitator training, conducting the Tour for staff and professionals for other organizations, as well as assisting SWD in conducting the VDT at conventions, hospitals, educational institutions or for large corporations.  SWD handles the sales/billing of all programs and events, fulfillment of program materials, as well as scheduling and then works closely with the CT for delivery of services.  CTs coordinate all Tour activities throughthe office and provide reporting for every Tour event conducted.  CTs may conduct the Tour for free for long term care or healthcare staff other than their own one time per calendar year per location, after which it should be a paid engagement through Second Wind Dreams.


To apply for candidacy:

  • Click below to submit your resume and cover letter. We look for candidates with experience in dementia care and education.
  • Submission deadlines are December15, 2017; May 9, 2018; September 26, 2018.
  • Approved candidates are interviewed by PK Beville during the two weeks following the submission deadlines.
  • Candidates accepted into the program are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis to attend a 2-day training class in Marietta, GA.  Classes are capped at 12 attendees. 
  • Training is held three times per year.  2018 dates are January 31-February 1, June 20-22, November 7-9, 2018
  • The cost is $2,500 and includes the manual and full set of sensory components used in the Tour as well as the 2-day training.  This is in addition to the program and agreement cost for you or your organization for programuse.
  • Annual renewal of $400 ensures CTs have the latest developments in the program and is a requirement for recertification.
  • Recertification occurs annually on the anniversary of training and is based on adherence to VDT policies, procedures and best practices. 


Click here to apply or contact margaret@secondwind.org for questions. 


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