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2016 VDT

Anyone involved in the care of seniors will encounter individuals living with dementia. The insight provided by the Virtual Dementia Tour® (VDT) Comprehensive Program will alter perspectives and change the way your staff approaches caregiving. One very important result of use of the VDT is a reduction in the use of psychoactive medication once staff has a better understanding of expected dementia behavior. The Virtual Dementia Tour has also been lauded as the game changer in helping staff understand what person-centered care actually entails. The bottom line is that resident quality of life will improve and caregivers will benefit from a reduction in the number of challenging situations and an increased connection to those they serve.


The Virtual Dementia Tour Comprehensive Program includes:

  • Online training for two facilitators on how to conduct the Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT)
  • The latest Virtual Dementia Tour manual, packed with research, complete instructions, and the forms you’ll need to conduct the VDT experience
  • Our patented, time-tested VDT components which have been clinically researched and consistently proven to simulate many of the common effects of aging and dementia
  • An eye-opening video of a family as they experience the VDT and details on how the experience changed their perception of dementia
  • Special printed materials designed to assist non-professional participants in understanding their personal VDT experience
  • Staff training tools, including a comprehensive debriefing outline, participant handouts, and assessment forms
  • An agreement to use the patented Virtual Dementia Tour
  • Regular updates on best practices, and new developments, with the VDT
  • Online access to order additional components and view program media files.
  • Dementia Aware Competency Evaluation (DACE®) optional


We look forward to working with you to change the perception of aging and improve the lives of those living with dementia as well as those who care for them.


Starting at $1625.


*The VDT has been featured and studied in a large number of grants.  It is important to contact us if you are considering using the VDT in a grant application.  Our years of experience in writing grants, as well as our easy access to research and outcomes associated with the VDT, gives you critical information to assure grant success.  In addition, there are requirements to the licensure of the VDT that must be included in the grant to assure you that the VDT is conducted according to researched protocols that show marked increases in participant empathy, person-centered care, customer service and other potential areas of change.


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