Dementia Aware Competency Evalution


The need for observable and measurable outcomes in dementia care, especially in the areas of competency, sensitivity, empathy, dignity and respect, is imperative.  The Dementia Aware Competency Evaluation (DACE)™ is designed to meet that need.  Based on 30 years of research, this approach can be used in any caregiving setting and as a benchmark of caregiver performance over time.


The DACE helps caregivers learn how their responses in the caregiving role are sensed by the person with dementia which directly impacts both the relationship and the quality of care provided.  This method of training allows for real-world feedback and training based on the caregiver’s specific situation.  Indicators on the DACE have been developed in accordance with best practices associated with positive outcomes of care.  This approach follows the principles of person-centered care by offering real time feedback based on individual caregivers and their specific clients.


When used in conjunction with training tailored to results of DACE, there is a documented positive trend in care.  This trend, according to independent research, results in a decrease in behavioral incidents, abuse allegations, and psych medications.  In addition, DACE is used by Human Resources to document provision of care and staffing placement.