Virtual Dementia Tour® Facilitator Training Classes


Facilitator Training teaches program holders how to conduct the Virtual Dementia Tour and is crucial to ensuring that the process and protocols of the Tour are followed.  Performing the Tour as designed is the only way to produce the consistent and reliable outcomes the VDT is proven to deliver.  The training results in facilitators who know how to use the debriefing process to help participants connect what they’ve experienced with a deeper knowledge of dementia in order to provide better person-centered care for those living with dementia.


Online Training

VDT Program holders order here for Online Training.

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In-Person Training

Contact us for In-Person Training.


Here are the dates and locations of some upcoming in-person facilitator training classes.  Please check back frequently for updates.


Your seat in a class is not confirmed until payment is received and you receive a confirmation email with the details of the session.

Dates and locations are scheduled based on demand in a particular area and are subject to change based on trainer and host location availability or due to insufficient registrations.  


6/13/17 Castro Valley California Completed  
6/15/17 San Diego California Completed  
7/20/17 Las Vegas Nevada Open  
7/25/17 Vero Beach Florida Open  
7/27/17 Lenox Massachusetts Open   
8/2/17 Marietta Georgia Open  
9/20/17 Marietta Georgia Open  
10/18/17 Marietta Georgia Open