The Family Edition:
In the Privacy of Your Own Home

(Please note that the Virtual Dementia Tour® Family Edition is for in-home use only,
and may not be used in an organizational setting.)


VDT Family Edition

Serving families, especially those working hard to care for someone living with dementia, has always been a primary focus of Second Wind Dreams®. The Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT) Family Edition was designed to give families a way to gain understanding of what their loved one with dementia experiences daily… all in the privacy of their own home. This self-guided experience is more individualized than the Virtual Dementia Tour Comprehensive Program and speaks directly to concerns about caregiving from a more personal, and less clinical, perspective.


The Virtual Dementia Tour Family Edition box includes:

  • "Your Window into Their World" booklet
  • Virtual Dementia Tour Family Edition DVD
  • One pair of VDT Shoe Inserts
  • A pair of VDT Gloves
  • One pair of VDT Glasses
  • One dry erase pen
  • Before & After Tour spiral flip board
  • An MP3 player with VDT Mix SD card
  • "Let's Get Started" card
  • Note Card from P.K. Beville, the creator of the Virtual Dementia Tour and the founder of Second Wind Dreams


The sooner you experience the Virtual Dementia Tour, the sooner you will have that all-important window into the world of dementia (and the deeper understanding that comes with that). To order your personal Virtual Dementia Tour Family Edition, please click below.


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My mum had dementia and Alzheimer's over the past few years and actually died of it just a week ago. She used to love listening to me play the violin and would ask me to but whenever I began she would immediately lose interest. As a result of the show, where it was explained that you lose the ability to filter out background sounds, I bought an electric violin and played to her over headphones, the idea being to block out the background noises. Amazingly enough, she was very happy wearing the headphones, and began moving her head to the music whenever I played. I thought you may find this useful.

Many thanks - you gave us a lovely memory we otherwise wouldn't have had