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Virtual Dimension Tour Kit

The VDT® Comprehensive Program includes:

  • A step by step manual to guide facilitators through the administration of the VDT experience
  • VDT FacilitatorTraining (full-day, in-person training - 5.5 hours NAB CEU available)
  • A set of simple tasks to be completed while senses are impaired to simulate:
    • Loss of auditory interpretation and increased confusion
    • Loss of central and peripheral vision
    • Loss of sensory nerves and fine motor skills
    • Onset of arthritis and neuropathy
  • A DVD of a family experiencing the VDT and how the VDT changed their perception of dementia. It is a real world example of what a family is going through. This DVD can be used in the post counseling area to further help people identify with the plight of dementia.
  • 50 community booklets for participants to take away their own personal experience results
  • A form for tracking attitudinal changes before and after experience
  • A “how to” guide to help the community best prepare for and cope with dementia.
  • One year license

For all international orders, please contact Second Wind Dreams directly. 

Your decision to use the Virtual Dementia Tour  to spread awareness of the impact of dementia on everyday life of our seniors is a testament to the world that you have joined our mission to improve the lives of those with this disease as well as their caregivers. We thank you for your commitment and look forward to working with you to develop your comprehenisve staff and community training program.


The VDT is a unique, interactive program proven to improve communication and care. Created by P.K. Beville, a specialist in Geriatrics, this valuable, easy to follow experiential training is designed for care giving facilities and community organizations to help identify with and understand patients' behaviors and needs. This Comprehensive Program has been used for new employees, hospitals, colleges and universities, and other caregivers. Upon the completion of VDT training, caregivers were able to identify with and better understand the behaviors and needs of those in their care.


When dementia strikes, it strikes the whole community, not just the individual. The Community Edition was developed to provide a way for members of the community to experience the VDT and walk away with their own VDT experience results, recommendations for their business, family or anywhere that dementia is experienced. 


Appropriate participants include:

  • EMS providers
  • police officers
  • firemen
  • local businesses
  • community groups
  • churches

VDT Training will give you the foundation you will need prior to engaging members of your community. To ensure the clinical integrity of the program, the prerequisite for conducting the Virtual Dementia Tour in a community setting is that you participate in VDT Facilitator Training.


Facilitator Training is a 5.5 NAB CEU course designed to give you an in depth review of the study, as well as step-by-step instructions for appropriate use and application in a professional and community setting. Led by a VDT Certified Trainer, Facilitator Training is strongly recommend for all VDT users, and is the first step for those interested in becoming a VDT Certified Trainer.  Contact Second Wind Dreams if you are interested in becoming a Certified Trainer.


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Fundamentals Online Training

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VDT Comprehensive Program


Includes VDT program materials, 3 sets components, 1 online training link

Enables you to conduct VDT with staff and
local community.  See Terms & Conditions
for details on permitted use of VDT

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the VDT® goes toward the fulfillment of dreams for residents in long term care.

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